Georgia has had a long and distinguished history of filmmaking that began as early as 1912, and the Central Georgia region has been the location of choice for a number of film & TV projects. Macon is one of Georgia's three Fall Line Cities and has a unique geography of rolling hills and flat plains making it an ideal location for film production.

In addition to its natural resources, Macon is also home to 5,500 National Register historic structures in 11 historic districts. Amazing architecture, multiple industrial locations, a large local talent pool, affordability, and true southern hospitality make Macon a great location for filmmaking.

The Macon Film Commission is here to act as a liaison to filmmakers looking to use the Central Georgia region as a potential location. Whether your project is a feature film, commercial, music video, documentary or television series, the Macon Film Commission is here to help make your production run as smoothly as possible. Our skilled and knowledgeable commissioners are here to:

  • Provide location assistance

  • Act as a liaison to local businesses and city officials

  • Provide information on how to find local professional production crew

  • Assist in casting calls for talented actors in Georgia

Located about an hour south of Atlanta in the heart of Georgia with nearby airports, rail and interstate highways, we are an ideal spot for whatever your project entails. The Macon Film Commission and its community partners are making Central Georgia a camera-ready location.

If you are interested in shooting in Central Georgia, please contact us at: maconfilmcommission@gmail.com or 478-227-5281.


Aaron Buzza
- Camera ready liaison